I spent the first 35 1/2 years of my life in NJ I never thought I would ever leave but things happen and people change. We moved to NC in 2006 and for the most part I love it. I really don't miss NJ as much as I thought I would I do miss my family. As it stands now you couldn't pay me to move back there and give up what we have here.

I am married to The Man have been for 10 years and that's one hell of an accomplishment for me. We have 2 kids The Boy who is 11 and Babygirl who is 6 they are the most awesome kids ever.My life would be totally incomplete and worthless without all three of them.They are the reason I was born.

I love music mostly classic rock but I am not opposed to hip-hop I am not into the whole country music thing.I don't mind the older country stuff that my parents drilled into my brain from birth.The new stuff however in my opinion sucks same for the new music from today. I think most of todays singers couldn't carry a tune in a bucket if it weren't for the people who control the sound board they wouldn't be able to pay you to listen to their shit.

I am an animal lover all animals I have 1 dog Max 2 cats Stinky & Beauty 1 guinea pig Alphfa and 2 fish no names. If I had my way and more $$$ I would have more pets. I love to look out my window and see all the wild creatures that live on our property.

I am not a fan of summer time it is way to hot and humid to be able to enjoy it. I don't go to the beach unless it is in the spring or fall months. I can't see the reasoning behind lying on the beach and letting the sun fry your skin. I don't go in the ocean for fear of sharks or some other man eating creatures.