I was just watching Ellen (I love her show she is so funny) and she had on Journey. Let me say one thing before I go on I am a BIG Journey fan. But when are they going to realize that no one NO ONE can take the place of Steve Perry. That man's voice is a gift from god. This guy they found on youtube is ok but he is not even close and to hear him try to sing one of Steve's songs is a big disappointment.

Isn't this like the 3rd or 4th guy that Journey has had? Give it up you were nothing before Steve Perry and you will be nothing without him. There is no man on this earth that can sing like Steve. I remember being a young girl and drooling over him not just because of the way he looked but the way his voice sounded. Here it is 20 years later and I still get a little tingly (down there) when I see and hear him.

Really just push the play button and see, well listen for yourself.

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Tammy said...

He's not bad, but he ain't Steve Perry for sure. ;o)