Medical Terminology Done

I have finished my first on-line class for Medical Terminology and it was easier than I thought it would be. I knew more of the terms than I thought from watching the Discovery Chanel and some other shows. I was really surprised at how much I knew.

Don't get me wrong there were somethings I had never heard of but I did good with them to. Only two more classes to take only a matter of signing up for them and coming up with the money for them. Hey I know I will start a collection. I will call it "HELP TINA GET SMARTER" yeah that's what I'll do. JK

Today was a good day I won a giveaway over at Scribbit and then aced my final exam. WOW why can't everyday be like today? Who knows maybe my luck is starting to change!


Tammy said...

Congratulations! I'm tagging you with a meme, I don't know if you have done one before so if you haven't just shot me an email and I'll explain it to you. :o)

Rose said...

Congratulations! You go girl.