$5.00 = Hours Of Fun

Who would have thought that you could buy something today for only $5.00 that would keep your kids happy and argument free for hours.
The butterfly Baby Girl made and the dolphin,teddy bear,flower & the star were made by The Boy.

I actually went to Walmart to buy shades for my bedroom because the mini blinds that were in my room were destroyed by the pets.I refuse to buy mini blinds again if I had my way and the $$$$ to I would replace all the mini's in the house.The kids of course wanted to get something which they always do because well they're kids. So we went walking through the craft section and saw all the sale items so we looked and low and behold there was a box of beads. That is what The Boy calls them it had 5,000 beads and peg boards and it was only $5.00.He has had them before and just loves to make all of the different designs.They have been at it for at least 2 hours now all I have to do it go iron them to get them to stay together. Who knew $5.00 could keep them busy for so long and actually getting along. YOU GO WAL MART!


Tammy said...

I can't wait until Aidan gets old enough to do those kinds of crafts. He colors now, but gets bored of it after 5 minutes.

The Jillybean said...

Shhh, I even like to do those things. They are neat, my kids have always loved them.

Char @ Starlooks Boutique said...

I like how you put it, "argument FREE for hours..." !!