Been Away

Well I have not been around in what seems like forever. I have been enjoying time with my husband he has actually been home from work for 4 days. He hasn't been home for this long since I think Christmas. We have been spending time with the kids doing family stuff.

The kids made him some very nice drawings for fathers day it was very heart warming to see them give him their drawings. Baby girl made him a book called "Daddy and Alexis Things We Do Together". She drew pictures of them taking walks together making a fire in the fireplace. Some other things to if I wrote them all it would be like writing the book.

The boy made him some beautiful pictures with all sorts of great color combinations he is quite the artist. He was so proud of his work he couldn't wait to give the pictures to daddy.I was almost as anxious as The Boy was to see daddy's reaction.

It is so nice having him here with us it is such a rare event anymore so we have been making the most of it. He leaves tomorrow morning for a few days so I am going to go now. Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about the 3 of you JK. I will be back tomorrow hopefully with something way more interesting to talk about. SEE YA

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Tina said...

thats lovely of the kids to do that for their dad. I always treasure the stuff Evan makes for me. I keep everything in a box, and i framed one of his pictures and hung it in the kitchen!

Thanks for your wonderful words of support over at Game FreakZ. Its cool your husbands a gamer too.

And thanks for adding my badge and link at your end. Im just gonna add yours now too sweetie x