Big Girl's Going Swimming

Well I am doing something today that I think I have only done once in my life. I am going out in public in my swimsuit. I only wear it in our pool with the kids. My neighbor came over to invite us over for a BBQ and swimming. I usually wear shorts and a t-shirt but today it is just to damn hot to even be outside so I have decided to wear it.

I hope I don't regret my decision well actually I already am sitting here in it and writing this post. I am a big girl and have not gotten used to my big girl skin so to speak. I used to be thin but after having to monster size babies have been drafted into the big girls club Not Willingly Though.

Anyway I have bought myself one of the big girl swimsuits with the skirt attached to it so I am hoping it will hide certain areas that shall remain nameless. Let's just hope that everyone at my neighbors house gets their drink on and doesn't notice me in my suit. Wish me luck :)

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