I Have Road Rage !

Is today National Drive Below The Speed Limit Day? If so why didn't anyone tell me?
I left my house to go do some errands this morning first stop to get gas.On the way to the gas station I have the fortunate luck to get behind someone who wants to do 30 miles per hour on a 45 mph road. By it's self this may not have bothered me but add to the fact that after I get done getting the gas. I pull out of the station go maybe 50 feet only to get behind someone who is traveling 40 mph on a road that is 55 mph. UGH!!!

I now have full blown ROAD RAGE!!!!!!

If I had a Super soaker water gun I would have soaked them both . Right in the face to because that would sting so much I don't like real guns so that is the closest I will get. Now I know how people can become so enraged while driving. It is very annoying I don't understand why people have to be so irritating.

Do you think they do it on purpose? I do!


Tammy said...

My sister has horrible road rage. I hate driving with her because she gets so mad at other drivers. I think I'll tell her to get a water gun. :o)

Tina said...

i get road rage too. there are some people that shouldnt be allowed to drive - like my uncle!

He drives slow mostly in 2nd gear (i know!) and when someone tries to go past him in the overtaking lane he will speed up! whats that all about ha!