Trying Something New On Entrecard

Hey I am trying something new. I have decided to actually read someones post before I drop my Entrecard on them. I noticed that most of the card droppers don't even take the time to read someones post before they drop their card. I am not going to be that person.

I joined Entrecard to drive traffic to my site and make me the most popular blogger in the world. Ok so maybe I am going a little overboard with that last statement. I am however trying to get myself out there and just stopping by a site and dropping off my card I feel isn't going to do that.

However leaving a nice comment about something I actually took the time to read just may do it. Well at least that is the outcome I am hoping for. I read all the time that the way to increase traffic to your site is to leave a comment so why not do it while your dropping your card? If you have time to go to the site and track down their card at least take a few extra minutes to read something.

So that's what my mission is now to make new friends read some posts and make a drop. I hope it catches on I believe it would or should I say I hope it will work.


This is also a new thing for me I just got accepted at Pay Per Post and I am trying this review my post. I am not sure it will work out but hey ckick on it and we will both find out. Go ahead you know you want to just click on it I promise it won't hurt. (click.)


Tina said...

congrats on the ppp by the way.

Good luck with your comments mission. Some people will reply, the other half just dont & others reply back on their own blog instead of visiting yours to comment!!!.... I learnt that!

Hope it works out ok for you though m8.

Patty said...

Returning the favor! I want to thank you for being the first to comment on my blog. I may be overly excited, but since I just started blogging yesterday, I'm almost shocked that you found me. I am going to follow in your footsteps with the Entrecard idea, and I hope it works for both of us. Good luck and let's keep in touch.

Vic Grace said...

I signed up with Entrecards a while ago but have never used it. I think you are the first blog I have seen with it on, or maybe I am not looking hard enough. Anyway I will try and drop my card since I have never done it before I might goof up.

I tried PPP and my blog dropped from PR4 to 0 so I took everything off that was involved with them and have been very leery of going back. Now I write for Blogsvertise and you don't have to say it is a paid post which I prefer as I like to choose only those things I can fit into a post that has been part of my life story.

Toni said...

I haven't started to try and do this as well. It does take a little longer but I have found that a lot of the time I learn something new or at least it gets my mind thinking about something different.

There are times when I really don't have anything to add to someone's blog but you never know when you might make a new blogging friend!

Cindi-Moomettesgram said...

EC dropping by. Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting. I'm glad to see we hang in good company with my friend Across the Pond, Tina, and North of the Border Tammy! Hope to see you stop by both my blogs! Put you on my EC drop list!

The Jillybean said...

Good luck with the new mission. That is what I do, visit and comment.