Who's that babe?

In response to some of the comments I got about how smokin hot I used to look I decided to show you some more of me in all my hotness. This first picture is me with my friend Sue I was showing what a great side profile is supposed to look like.

This is me and my dad back in 1994 at my brothers wedding the lady in the back is my mom. I guess you can see where I got my looks from right!

I am hoping that someday I may resemble this person not totally I know I will never look like this again.But I sure would like to be able to be proud of my appearance again.


Tina said...

wow i can see the resemblence with you and your mom. great pics

Tammy said...

The wedding picture of you is beautiful! Hey don't worry I sure the heck don't look what I looked like 10 years ago, and neither does my butt. LOL