A Great Day

As a mom one of the most beautiful sounds in the world is the laughter of your kids. The only thing that may top that is the sound of laughter coming from your kids with their dad. I was taking a bath something I LOVE to do. I hear my kids and their dad playing video games and they are talking and laughing it was like music to my ears. To hear them laugh at something he said and him laughing at them it was HEAVEN.

"The Man" isn't home much so when he is we try to do things the kids like to do. Their 2 favorite things are going out for Chinese food and playing video games. Which just so happens to be 2 things we all love so it all works out. He was home for 2 days so we went out school shopping and the kids got a lot of nice school outfits. They were so excited to be getting new clothes my son has a real passion for shirts. He would only buy shirts if he could I guess in his mind he's thinking "who needs pants when this shirt is just sooo cool".

As for my daughter the store is just loaded with the cutest girl clothes I would happily spend $300.00 on just her but alas my checking account will not allow it. She got some really beautiful outfits and couldn't wait to get home to try them on.

After school shopping we went to have Chinese buffet we found a buffet just around the corner from home that has the best food I have ever tasted. When we got home the kids put on a makeshift fashion show. The boy modeling his PHAT shirts and baby girl strutting her stuff in her new outfits. It was fun to see them so happy! After the fashion show they all sat down and video gamed it for the rest of the afternoon. When the weather cooled off (not by much) they all went out front to toss a baseball around.

After a bit they all came in had some ice cream and back to the games they went and I retreated to the tub. A great ending to a perfect day.

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