New Phone Update

Well my new phone is here that was fast right? It came this morning I was totally shocked to receive it so soon. I have been messing with it all day putting in my contact numbers and finding out that I am NOT a gadget person. I feel like a complete moron trying to figure out how everything works on the phone. I used to have a Motorola Razor before and I loved it but after over two years of having it I never figured out all it had to offer. I could make calls send text messages and take pictures you know the basics. According to "The Man" I had a phat phone and didn't know how to use it to it's full potential.

Now once again I have a phat phone and am not even sure of what it is capable of doing. I promise you this I WILL FIGURE OUT EVERYTHING IT CAN DO. You can be sure of this it may take me awhile though.

I have figured out how to take pictures and send messages so far oh and add contacts. Not to bad for oh 6 hours of messing around with it. Ok Ok I know I'm a little slow but I never claimed to be Bill Gates. I'm just me a mom blogger (barely) who is finding her way around the tech world.

But let me say this look out world when I figure out all these gadgets and technology shit I'm going to be unstoppable!!!!!!!! lol


Tammy said...

I have no idea how to work half the stuff on my cell phone.

LadyBanana said...

I love my phone, I have a Nokia N95 and it can do just about everything apart from make a cuppa tea!

Tina said...

i just about get used to using my own phone, but i hate using anyone elses! im clueless!