Getting Ready

Not to much going on today just hanging out with the kids. They start school in a few short weeks so we were getting ready by working on some school practice books together. My daughter who is 6 was excited to do the workbooks she actually likes school.She did very well on the reading and writing.

She is very excited about going into 1st grade this year. She is a bit nervous about the kind of work she will be doing. I think she will do fine she learns very quickly. Last year she actually had a lot of homework there were days when she would bring home 4 pages of worksheets. I was kind of surprised at how much she had to do daily. But she would come home from school change her clothes and grab a snack and get right to her work. Lets hope she is the same way this year.

My son who is 11 wasn't excited at all in fact far from it. I gave him money problems to do and some multiplication, and time practices to do. He did better than he thought I hope he is prepared for what the 6th grade is going to be like. He had a really hard time last year and almost didn't make it. He brought home work last year that I had a hard time helping him with. So I guess I should have said I hope we are prepared for the 6th grade.

School just isn't what I remember it being I don't remember getting algebra until 9th grade but he had it starting in the 4th grade. Some of it I remembered the harder stuff came last year I had to call my niece who was in college at the time to get her to help us. So I an sure we will be calling on her again this year.


Tina said...

thats nice you spending quality time with the kids. its good to do that when you get the chance.

most the stuff you learn at school these days, you will never ever use in real life, so i dont see the point myself really!

i have a card fo you at my place

Tammy said...

Aurora is starting high school this year and I don't know who's more nervous, her or me! LOL