I Did It

I added a third column to my blog and it took me about 3 hours to figure it out but I am proud to say I did it myself.Well with the help of Amanda from Blogger Buster. If you are looking to add a third column to your blog like I did she explains it step by step. If your looking for a new template, or widgets anything she has it. Amanda walks you through the process and makes it pretty simple. I really don't know much about editing HTML and that sort of stuff but through her easy to follow instructions you'll be editing like a pro. I have a few more things I need to figure out how to do and my blog will be complete. My next project is to add a page or two I looked at how to do it and it is a little complicated but I am eventually going to try it.

The way I added the third column was by trying it out on a test blog first and I HIGHLY recommend if your going to do any sort of HTML editing to your blog that you practice on a test blog. This way if you mess anything up it really won't matter you can just delete it and try again.


Tina said...

good for you mate. the 3 columns are so much better, they give you alot more space too. looks cool x

LadyBanana said...

Yay! Looks good with 3 columns.. I did mine sometime ago but I can't remember what I did now..lol