Proud Momma

Man I am so proud of my kids! They both had dentists appointments this morning and they both are cavity free. The dentist said that they are taking awesome care of their teeth. I am lucky when it comes to them going to the dentist they actually like to go. They are so brave! I personally have a fear of going I have had so many bad experiences with dentist that's it like pulling teeth (ha ha) to get me to go.

My son who if I haven't mentioned it is 11 and I thought he had lost all of his baby teeth but I was told today he has 5 loose ones and that they are all going to fall out right around the same time. I told the dentist "well that sure will make the tooth fairy happy" I hope the tooth fairy actually has some $$$ on her (lol)

My daughter who is 6 has 2 loose teeth so she is excited about that. She lost 2 of her bottom teeth almost a week apart and she was tickled pink when she had a visit from the tooth fairy.

I guess it's going to be a busy tooth falling out school year .


LadyBanana said...

I was always quite lucky with my 3 kids when they went to the dentist.

Now they are grown up I hope they are getting regular checks.. I had better remind them sometime!

Tina said...

oh poor baby having 5 teeth gonna feel out. big hugs to him when it happens :(