School Supplies

I had a post all worked out in my head. I was going to have a picture of The boy up and talk all about him getting ready for the 6th grade. But for some reason my blogger won't let me upload the photo.I guess I will have to wait on the picture and figure out something else to write about. HMMM lets see !!!!

How about I tell you about all the school supplies I had to get over this past tax free weekend. My daughter is going into 1st grade and her list was like a mile long. She needed 6 composition notebooks 6 isn't that just a little crazy for 1st grade? A disposable camera! What is that for? Here's one on the list that may surprise you 4 tennis balls. What may you ask does she need them for well I will tell you. She needs them so the teacher can put them on the feet of her chair so when she slides the chair it doesn't scuff the floor.

Now I'm not a unreasonable person I get the school supplies pencils,notebooks,crayons things of this nature. I refuse to buy tennis balls for this purpose I could see if she needed them for gym class or even some kind of project. But after spending over $100.00 on actual supplies I refuse to get anything not necessary for helping my child learn.If the school wants to keep the floors scuff free then use my so called school tax dollars to buy the freaking balls.

I have a problem with how things are done in the schools how we as the parents have to supply everything. When I was a kid all I needed to bring to school was a notebook and maybe a pencil. Now the school supplies NOTHING!!!! Where does all the money go? Last year I got a note home from my kids teachers saying they had ran out of paper and were asking the parents to send in some. I don't mind helping out but for goodness sakes your a school how come you don't have one of the most important things like paper. It's crazy!!!!

Do you think I am being unreasonable? Do any of you have anything on your school supply list you think is outrageous? Or do you think having to buy school supplies at all is outrageous?


The Jillybean said...

I did a post about school supplies too. It just ticks me off! Oh, and wait till you have one in high school. $15 for a locker. $45 for a parking permit. $120 for a calculator. And we get graduation fees, graduation announcements, senior portraits, and the friggin yearbook is $80. It really, really ticks me off!

Sassy said...

Girl I feel ya. Wild child has to have a white sock. WTF? Both girls had to have a flash drive. It's crazy the things they have to have to learn something. And now a days I wonder how much learning they actually do. Jelly Bean brought all her books home and never opened them. They stayed in the closet the entire year. I just don't know about schools anymore.

Tina said...

we are lucky enough not to have supply lists here. asking for paper is crazy! .. but i guess that stuff is paid for in our taxes so i suppose it all works out same in the end :(