Wowzio Widgets

If you notice I have two side bar items Live Feed and Tag cloud I got them from Wowzio I found out about this widget maker through Blogger Buster. The widgets are pretty cool and easy to install they have several different kinds of widgets. You can customize them to make them match your blog but I think they match them pretty well I didn't have to change mine at all.

I also grabbed a widget from my friend Tina's blog called Widget Box it keeps track of my other blog Max a dogs story. I have one on that blog as well that does the same. So you should check out these sites and add your own tag clouds,live feeds or if you have a second blog get the widget box to show it off.


Kmommy said...

Cool! I love widgets! :) thanks for the linkies :)

LadyBanana said...

I like the look of these and I love widgets.

Will think about adding one but I'm afraid my blog is already over widgetised!