Busy Little Beaver

Boy oh boy let me tell you I am just one busy little beaver lately that's why I haven't been writing to many posts. Not only do I have this blog and Max's blog and now with the release of Music Mondays.Hubby and my sister-in-law want me to design blogs for them.See what happens when you start to learn how to make a blog look nice people come out of the woodwork and want you to design them one.Don't get me wrong I LOVE doing it for them it is just time consuming and I really wish I knew how to make one from scratch. You know with the HTML and CSS and all that junk. Then I would feel oh so proud of myself.I am thinking about taking a class to learn how to do it. Or at the very least buy a program to show me how to do it.

I did get some helpful information from Tammy on where to go to make a header and that has been a big help. She told me about a site called Picnik and it is really great the one complaint I have about it is when I have it open my computer moves like a turtle but it's all good.It get's the job done..

I almost have my sil's blog done the next step is to teach her how to do all the blog stuff like writing posts and well everything. She is a fast learner though so it shouldn't take long. Once I get her blog up and running I will share it with all of you my friends.

Now hubby's blog is another story it is in the beginning stages and he has yet to settle on a header and give me his feedback on how he wants it all to look.It is very hard with him being on the road he doesn't have time to just sit and go over it all and make decisions. But I think it is going to be great when it is all done. When he is ready to share you will be the first to know.


Tammy said...

Anything for a friend buddy! I'm off to check out your new badge. :o)

Tammy said...

Anything for a friend buddy! I'm off to check out your new badge.

Tammy said...

Opppsss...double comment hehe

Tina said...

i think tammy likes commenting here on this post. do you think lol.

cant wait to see hubbys an SIL blogd. if your helping they will be great ;)