I Think I'm Offended

So as some of you may know my father-in-law was here for a visit he came here very early Friday morning.Well all went well the kids loved having him here they spent as much time with him as they could. I am happy for them I think they were starting to miss family back in Jersey.

Something strange happened though I went outside with F-I-L- thinking he was getting ready to leave
A. because he had his stuff all packed up
B. because he started the van

So I was standing next to the van ready to give him a hug and say goodbye and all and he says"oh I'm not ready yet" so I go off and start fiddling around with somethings outside.So he moves his van so I figure he is getting ready to go so I walk over to where he had moved the van and he gets out of he van and says looking at the ground "I'm just checking to see if there were any leaks" then says "nope no leaks guess I'm good to go" Now here's the part where I'm a bit offended.

He get's into the van and drives off no goodbye, no see ya later, no nothing......

Should I be offended?

Well I kinda am and my feelings are kinda hurt.

What would you think if this happened to you?
Would you be hurt?


Tammy said...

He's old and probably just forgot. My FIL is the same way...when he's ready to go, he just goes.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Hell yeah!I'd be offended!Did he at least called you to apologize?...

desi said...

I'd say you're probably better off comparing it to his normal way of acting... Is he terse and silent by nature. Is he a huggy bear? If he didn't MEAN offense, I wouldn't take any.

Tiffiney said...

hum...depends on how he is...my fil is weird saying good bye..but I still get a look and smile and a bye...don't worry about it...your married to the son..not the father...lol...let it slide...at least this time ;)

Tina said...

is he the type of person that hates goodbyes? maybe he would have gotten himself upset and thought just going was better?

If i read into it more maybe he got a phone call or there was a prob with his car and he rushed off?

has hubby heard from him since?