Like Mother Like Daughter

I was thinking maybe it might be time to get our hair cut.It is getting a bit unmanageable and lacking in style.As you can see here we both look like cousins to cousin IT from the Adams family.
You can't see it here but my hair comes down past my hooters in the front and almost touches my caboose in the rear. I love my hair being long but am in need of a new dew or is it due?

I have this phobia about hairdressers they scare me.The minute I go in there with my long hair the first thing they want to do is chop it off. Don't they realize that it took me over a year to get these long locks. I bet that Angelina's stylist doesn't want to chop hers off so why mine? I know I'm no Angelina but still I want to keep my Brad Pitt.

Now baby girl has decided she wants her hair to be "long like yours mommy" and I am willing to comply with this request of hers. I don't have a problem BUT she used to have long hair before and it tends to get a bit knotty and she doesn't like it brushed. So we have to have tons of leave in conditioner so she doesn't scream like she is being tortured when I am brushing it. Maybe her and I should go get a mother daughter makeover at some fancy shmancy beauty parlor.

Who knows we could go in there looking like the Olsen twins and come out looking like the Hilton sisters.....NOT!!!!!


LadyBanana said...

Until about 18months ago I had my hair quite longish but now I got it a lot shorter and I really prefer it now. Easier to wash dry and style.. and I think it makes me look a teeny weeny bit younger...LOL

Slick said...

Get that mop whacked off!!

lol :)

I'm so mean.

I'd get mad if Trish cut her hair short....

Tammy said...

Aurora used to have really long hair when she was little and then she got a knot it in I couldn't get out so we had to chop it off.

Sandra Carvalho said...

I know what you mean!Same thing here! LOL!
Last time I went to an hairdresser was over 1 year ago!
And my hair is almost reaching my bum !

Octamom said...

I keep mine pretty long (hubby likes it that way) and 2 of 8 has VERY long hair! But the rest of the girls have theirs pretty short--a pixie cut for 1 of 8, and cute bobs for 4 and 6 of 8--and 7 of 8 is still in that young toddler crazy hair phase!

Tiffiney said...

I hate going to a hairdresser to..they want to do the same thing..cut my hair off..no thanks! I love my long hair, yes I want it to my rear..I love it that long and so does my hubby! For now I get my mom to cut it..I know she is safe..lol..keep your hair! :)

Tina said...

lol you both look like that girl from that film the ring you ever saw? haha!

she has hair all over her face!

by way yes i do own you on facebook! i bought you for for $1 for a laugh!!!!! x