Showing Some Award Love

I was out trolling some blogs over the weekend and saw this cute little award on someones blog and snatched it up. The sucky thing is I can't remember who I stole it from so if you happen to stop by and see that I stole your award PLEASE let me know who you are so I can link it to you. I am going to give this darling of an award to.
Lady Banana
Camera Critters

Please pass it on to all the blogs that like these have cast a spell on you......


Tammy said...

I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much buddy!!!

Tina said...

thats a funky little award you thief wink wink! x

Tina said...

p.s forgot to say thanks mate luv ya x

LadyBanana said...

Thanks Tina.. it's cute :)