Showing Some Love And Shameless Self Promotion

This is my new blog I started it this past Monday and had my first winner Tammy she is one awesome chick. Now Tammy and my other good friend Tina (who is also one awesome chick) are two of the nicest people I have ever not met. (get it we only know each other from blogging). I thought it was funny.They are so nice they are helping me to spread the word about my Music Mondays blog. So to show my appreciation to them I thought I would link them up as well.

I really like doing the whole link love thing it shows that someone likes what you do and we all know that we like it when someone likes something about us.It strokes our egos real good. I for one am always up for a good ego stroking. Or any kind of stroking for that matter hehe! Speaking of ego stroking why don't you hop on over to my new blog and stroke away you can get there by way of the logo at the beginning of this here post. When I decided to do this Music blog I had every intention of just doing it on Mondays but have since decided to also do daily song lyrics because, I like music and thought why not share my vast knowledge (wink wink) of music and tell you what the words to some great songs are. So I hope to see my comment box overflowing with the stroking I mentioned above.


Tammy said...

Tina you're so sweet! You ROCK girl!

I have a tag for you here.


Slick said...

Yeah, but I'm nice and we've never met!


LadyBanana said...

I have an award for you-hooo...

Octamom said...

I'll have to check this out! Congrats on the new blog!!!

Glad you liked our TP collection!