2 More Weeks

So I was looking at the calendar and noticed that Thanksgiving is in two weeks. I am happy about it but also a bit flustered about it.
I'm happy for a few reasons one hubby will actually be home with us and that of course is a good thing. My friend and her family is coming to visit from Jersey and that is a good thing they will be here the day before and stay for the weekend. Finally the FOOD!!!! I just love Thanksgiving feasts I make all the trimmings turkey with stuffing of course baked mac-n-cheese mashed potatoes gravy, corn, muffins, cherry pie, pumpkin pie. I could go on and on

So what would I have to be flustered about well I will tell you. I love all the yummy food that I cook that my belly gets to full and I always feel like I am going to explode.I may have to resort to lapband surgery to be able to fit into my clothes again.lol My friend who is coming actually had this surgery and she is very happy with the results. She showed me her scar from it this summer when she came for a visit and it was not as bad as I had thought it was going to be.

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Toni said...

No doubt I hear you! We actually eat at 3 different places that day!!! So I will be wearing something stretchy for sure!!!!