Hubby and I decided to go out today and do some Christmas shopping we went to Kmart first. I would like to say I was thoroughly disappointed the store was dirty looking they had hardly any toys. The little bit of toys they did have were so overpriced that had we gotten anything our kids would have had only 2 to 3 gifts each. Their electronics department was like a whole in the wall it barely had anything in it. needless to say we walked out of there empty handed.

Then we went to Sears but were once again disappointed I never realized that Sears does NOT have toys. Yes they have electronic toys but of course not the ones we were looking for.So again we walked out of there empty handed. It turned out to be a wasted trip to these stores for us.


Posh Totty said...

Awww that is a shame I hope you have a more sucsessful shopping trip next time Xxx

Toni said...

I think it varies between KMarts. I have been to ones that were wonderful but the one closest to me is not the cleanest. However, I have found some good deals there. Sorry you did not have better luck!