Welcome all I have decided to share my blog today with one of my good friends I met her of course blogging and we have been getting along famously ever since. Her name is Tina and she has two adorable little boys and also has 3 blogs she likes to keep busy.She is from the UK and when she posts videos of her kids I could sit and listen to them talk for hours I just love the accent.Well enough babbling from me let me present to you Tina

Hi, I'm Tina from Mummy Diaries - no your not in the wrong place! ...

My special friend Tina has asked me to guest blog at her place here today.

I am so honoured she asked me, and i hope i don't disappoint her readers ;)

So .....

With Halloween over now I'm hoping you ain't too spooked out just yet, as i have some interesting questions to ask you all.

If the world was overtaken by zombies- What would you do? Where would you go?

The situation you are in is just hearing the news of the outbreak so you have time to move fast and get away before the zombies reach your house.

If it was me, i would make sure everyone was bundled in the car, grab loads of tools and knives for protection, fill up my car full with petrol, grab as many food and drink items as i could from the supermarket to bundle in my car!

Then i would drive far far away to the countryside because there are not many houses there, so wont be many zombies! Then hide out till it's all over!

How about you? Would you be predictable and rush to the airport and boat docks hoping someone would let you out the country?

Would you make sure your relatives are safe?

Would you stay put in your house and fight? Or would you just hide?

There are so many things people would do, and i'm really interested to see what you all would do and your thoughts on this.


Tina said...

im up woo hoo!

lookin great. seems a bit strange seeing my words at your place, but its all good ;)

Thanks again for letting me guest blog

Sandra Carvalho said...

OMG!That idea freaks me out!I guess I'd put my family in the car and drive as far as possible!North Pole sounds good!LOL!
Great post! ;)

ps--I'd be honored to be your guest host hon ;)Thanks for inviting me!*muack*

Lady Banana said...

I'd probably find a basement or cellar and hide... or panic and try to get away as fast as I could.

Sounds like you could write a good horror story Tina.. how about it?

Tammy said...

I think I might have an unfair advantage answering this question because I've seen every zombie movie out there. LOL! Basically run and don't look back. LOL

Toni said...

Great post Tina!!! However since I don't like scary movies coming up with an answer would have the zombies in my head for too long!!! lol!!!