Sky Watch Friday

Welcome to sky watch Friday if you would like to see more r join in yourself click on the logo. I wanted you to see that the moon was still out during the daytime.I guess it wasn't ready to go to bed for the day.It always amazes me how the moon can be out when it is not night time.


fishing guy said...

Tina: It's funny how when you don't watch the sky the Moon can be there and you never see it. It is out often during the day.

Octamom said...

I love when we can see the moon while the sun is still shining--it seems so 'Space Movie' to me!!

Thanks so much for going over to Rocks and reading my post on 4 of 8--I was so thrilled to get to tell her story to some new readers!

Glad you like Thea's designs and we'll get your name in the hat! (literally--I print out eveyone's names and put them in a hat for one of the kids to draw!--very high tech)!

Hope you have a fab weekend!!!


Toni said...

Hunter is usually the first to notice a day time moon!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Great pics!Loved the moon up in the sky!
I'm a bit p***** off with skywatch for what they did to Tina from "Mummy's Diaries".Heard what they did?