Who's Tired Of Lugging Around A Purse?

I am thinking about not carrying a purse anymore and just getting myself some of those tactical pants they are so cool looking with all the pockets to store my many things cell phone, keys, and the millions of things I need to bring for the kids. Isn't that a great idea no more broken back from carrying a heavy purse. Just reach into one of the many pockets and presto there is what I need.No fumbling around in my purse any longer.

What alternative ideas do you have to carrying a purse?


Lady Banana said...

I couldn't do without my handbag (purse as you call it) It's like it's part of me..

Slick said...

Whew...the tactical pants I can deal with....but if I were ever caught carrying a purse, I would just need to be hit by lightning.

Tiffiney said...

Diaper bag...lol...I have a huge purse...and use it for both..so I have to carry with me everywhere :)