Christmas Tree Goes Dark

Lastnight I finally decided to put up my Christmas tree baby girl had been bothering me to do it all day and I guess it was time. It took me 2 hours just to do the darn lights. I always keep the lights plugged in while I am adding them to the tree so I can see how it is looking. I get to the very last set of lights plug them in and the whole tree goes dark......... I was so pissed that I just walked away and decided to take a shower and chill out before I went to figure out what set of lights decided to take a powder.

As you can see I did figure out what set it was that caused the outage it happened to be the very first set I had put on.

I had to start to search through and rerout them all and did get the tree lights working. This year as with all of the previous ones I am not happy with the look of the tree. But the kids like it and that is really all that matters. They put up all the decorations and of course most of them are in the front of the tree. It made them happy though so I will wait until they are in school to go back and fix it so the tree doesn't fall over from being front heavy.lol

Tomorrow hubby will be home and we are going to go and do some shopping for the kids. I hope we can find them all the toys they have asked for. The last time we went to the super Walmart the power went out so we should maybe bring some Surefire Flashlights so we can find our way around the store.lol


LadyBanana said...

I think it looks nice, it's a very tall tree, we only have a little one and it's not up yet..

Toni said...

Looks like a gorgeous tree! Hope the shopping was a good thing!

Tammy said...

You're tree is beautiful!!!

Tina said...

hope you have some luck with your lights mate. love the tree though its fab

Tiffiney said...

Your tree looks great!!! I can not stand puttin lights on a tree..it took me forever to..i think I am going to try to buy a pre-lite tree on sale this year to put up for next year!!

Sandra Carvalho said...

OOHHHHH!I like it!It's beautiful!
Mine is leaning to one of it's sides...I guess it won't last till Xmas !LOL!