Meet My Friends Monday 1st

My friend Toni from It Is Nap Time has started a new meme called Meet My Friends Monday it is a great idea. It was started last week but my memory being what it is I forgot about it so here I am ready to go. The idea is to tell everyone about the blogs you visit and why you visit them. I am starting with Camera Critters it happens to be my favorite meme.No offense Toni!!!!

Camera Critters is run by Misty who has a few other blogs I will get to them on another meet my friends post. I love going to CC on Saturdays to see all the cute and not so cute critters that are there. I am an animal lover so this blog was a perfect fit for me (and as some of my friends call it my zoo).I have 1 dog,2 cats,1 guinea pig and 2 fish. So when I first saw this meme posted I couldn't wait to join it. I have seen some really interesting critters on this blog and even some critters I have never seen before. I have been doing CC for a few months and have no plans of stopping.


Tammy said...

I think CC rocks!

Tina said...

one time i will actually get to do this meme. need to hunt down some critters lol

Toni said...

No offense taken!!!lol Thanks for participating. I have been wanting to join CC myself and have just not sat down to do it.

I am going over there now and I think I will start this one after the first of the year!

Misty Dawn said...

I'm so thrilled you love Camera-Critters. I actually started it with selfish intentions - because I love photography and I love critters. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that my friends would love this meme as much as I do!

Thank you - this post means the absolute world to me!!!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Yep!...Toni is a sweetie!
Got to love her! ;)