Receiving The Gift Of Giving Giveaway

I was sent an email from Izea talking about the Sears grant a wish. So I went to see what it is all about and saw that Sears and Izea teamed up and selected some very lucky bloggers to go out shopping with a $500.00 shopping spree. The bloggers also get to grant a wish. The first blog I went to visit Chris Pirillo did the most awesome thing ever.He and his wife went and bought toys and gave them to a donation center. How awesome is that? Not to many people I know would do something like that.

So for his grant a wish he has put together a few prize packages to giveaway to a lucky winner and he has some very simple rules. One of the rules is to tell what prize package you would want and why. So here I go

I have 2 kids ages 6 and 11 and they would love the family game night package. They are always wanting me to play Life, Bingo or Monopoly with them. They are the age now where it is fun to lay family games with them. I just bought Candy Land for baby girl for Christmas and Clue for the boy. I can't wait for them to open the games so we can play them on Christmas day.

You should go check out this caring story for yourself. You can go here to get to it.

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