Hubby's Ride

These are pictures of hubby's Harley he bought it from a friend a while back for the low, low price of $1.00.Can you believe it? I sure couldn't I was like "sure thing babe buy it" so he did and now he is working on restoring it.

He has already had it painted he just has to get some parts for it he could try to find them here at custom bike.

The bike has some rust on it and he has worked his butt off cleaning it up. It really looks like a totally different bike since he has been working on it.

When he get's it all done he wants to go to Florida for bike week you know I will be going with him.I want to see all those PHAT bikes as well. Yes I am a biker chick!! You got a problem with that? LOL I am supposed to say that being a biker chick and all.


simply divina said...

Wow! Is that really true only $1.00? that is very cheap,good bargain..

Renz said...

Hi Tina! I got the clue and I had it scheduled to be published on time :)

I'm excited!

Tina said...

its looking good so far,hes doing a good job

i beati said...

sweet Hello Daytona What a conversation piece!!Sandy

On The Verge said...

How cool is that! And to get it for a buck is even sweeter!

Misty Dawn said...

WoooHooo! Sweet bike! Ours is orange, black, and chrome.

I wanna go to bike week too!