Meet My Friends Monday

Meet my friends Monday is a meme created by my friend Toni of It Is Nap Time. If you would like to play along click on the logo above.

This week I am going to talk about Sandra from Super Mae she is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of chatting with. I met her through another of my blog friends Tammy from Mom Knows Everything.

Sandra has 3 blogs but I am only telling you about one of them today I will save the others for another time.

Sandra has 2 children both boys she lives in Portgual I personally don't know where that is but I know it is far from where I am lol. It is my understanding that when Sandra started Super Mae she didn't know very much English. She now speaks better English than I do and I have done it all of my life.

I like to visit her blog to read about her boys who are adorable by the way and to see what she has to say.She writes about her life and always has something interesting to tell us. I am not going to tell you to much I want you to go and see for yourself.You won't be sorry.

Sandra and I chat often and it is like talking to someone I have known forever she makes me laugh. She is a great person and a good friend I am so glad to have met her.


Toni said...

Love Sandra!!! She is a great and wonderful person!!!

Tina said...

Sandra like yourself is whom i consider a really close blogging friend.

i love her. yes she is funny!! and a crazy chore queen!!

Jade said...

Sandra is a really nice blogger!

Sandra Carvalho said...

LOL!I'm blushing!Thanks girl!You're so sweet and I love you loads!Let me just say that I'm proud to have such good friends as you!

ps--I have 3 boys not 2!LOL!And I started speaking English ate the age of 5!LOL!The thing is that when I started blogging I started in Portuguese(big mistake I made cause I had no feedback what so ever!)And I kinda fear that my English level wasn't that good cause I hardly use to use it in my daily life.