Let's Talk Scents

Let's Talk Perfume I am a fan of the fruity or flowery smelling kind. I am not a fan of the musky ones they are so not me. My favorite perfume is called Beautiful by Estee Lauder I just love it.

My favorite scent is Sweet Pea I just love it my second is Violet or maybe Rose oh gee decisions decisions.

Oh if there was a perfume that smelled like Hyacinths I would so but it I just love how they smell. They should have it after all they have Rose and Lavender and so many other flower smells. Oh I know I could invent a perfume that smells like Hyacinths and you all could but it and make me rich, rich, rich, I promise I will share the wealth.

You know I like to share.

What is your favorite perfume?
What is your favorite scent?
Are you a flowery person? Or a mucky kind of gal?


Auntie E said...

My favorite cologne is angelfire by Marykay. Smell is Lilacs and Honeysuckle. I do enjoy the fragrant of hyacinths, I have them in my yard. Sure am a Flower girl. Love to visit Gardens and I dream of having all that a see in my Yard.:-)

Tina said...

i love the unisex calvin klein perfume. i wear it every day. its so fresh and clean smelling

Toni said...

I like perfumes but never remember to wear them. I don't like the ones that are too flowery or the ones that are to musky. I do like Beautiful.