Power Outages And Computer Meltdown

What's worse the fact that the power kept going out or the fact that when it was on my computer acted like it had a bug up it's ass? To me the computer acting crazy was what irritated me the most. I knew the power would eventually come back on but was not at all sure about the bug crawling out of my computers ass.

Luckily the problem with the computer was pretty simple to fix so there was no need for the murderous thoughts I had.

Now the thoughts were I hope the power stays on long enough to fix the problem.

The problem was my I.S.P. decided to reinstate their security without informing me and it was interfering with the security I had installed.So one of them had to go and seeing how theirs was way better than what I had the choice was simple.Bye, Bye, Bye fix it utilities....


LadyBanana said...

Sounds like you been having a frustrating time there!

Tammy said...

I have computer problems all too often and man do they drive me batty!

Tina said...

thats it mate you get all that frustration out. the damn computers. lets shoot em all!!