Random Questions

I grabbed this from Posh Totty's place cause I like doing these it keeps me from having to think of something to write about.
1. What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? It this place called 96 buffet they have the best Chinese food ever.

2. What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of it? Chinese

3. Have you ever had anything removed from your body? gall bladder

4. What is the last heavy item you lifted? our fat ass cat

5. Have you ever been knocked unconscious? no

6. If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? No Way!

7. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Marie

8. What’s your goal for the year? to pay the bills on time

9. Last person you hugged? baby girl

10. First place you went this morning? Toilet.

11. Do you always answer your phone? only if I know who it is

12. It’s four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it? someone who is going to get my foot up their ass if it's not important.

13. If you could change your eye color what would it be? green

14. What’s on your wish list for your birthday? camera

15. Does the future make you more nervous or excited? nervous

16. Do you have any saved texts? yes

17. Ever been in a car wreck? yes a few 2 of them deer

18. Do you have an accent? sure do I'm from Jersey

19. What was the last song to make you cry? no songs make me cry

20. What did you do last night? watched Damages

21. Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom? came close a few times

22. Current hate right now? the economy

23. Met someone who changed your life? my husband

24. How did you bring in the New Year? me and the kids called daddy and rang it in together

25. What song represents you? Silver Blue And Gold by Bad Company cause my rainbow sure is overdue

If anyone wants to do this feel free to

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LadyBanana said...

You had your gall bladder removed! My partner is getting this done next month - tell me how it went please :)