Wish Me Luck

I am doing something today that I am not looking forward to

I am quitting smoking.......

Not by choice mind you but out of necessity money is tight and something has to go. So smoking is the first nonessential.

This is going to be the hardest thing I have been smoking for 26 years YES I started smoking at a young age. I was 12 when I started smoking the only time in the 26 years I didn't smoke was when I was pregnant.

I had my last cig this morning and I hope I can find something to do to keep my mind off of them

Wish me luck I am so going to need it.

Maybe I could join a motorcycle community to keep myself busy and keep my mind off smoking.

I like motorcycles and people who are in these groups are usually pretty cool and supportive of each other.


LadyBanana said...

Tina!!! That is wonderful news!!! I so so hope you manage to succeed.

Part of my job is as a smoking cessation advisor so I see many people in all stages of giving up and I know it's difficult.

Just try to keep very busy, get lots of healthy snacks to nibble on and drink lots of water.

I prescribe nicotine patches and chewing gum for my patients which can help at the start - any chance you can get some of these?

Try to do some exercise and keep the money you would have spent on smoking to one side at least at the start so you can treat yourself a bit at the end of each week as a personal reward for you!

Anyway, GOOD LUCK and keep us posted with your progress!

Lisa said...

The best of luck to you. I did it cold turkey 17 years ago and you can too. Think of it like an alchoholic does a drink, that you can't even have ONE!!! It helps.
Keep us posted...and when you want a cigarette..POST something instead, we'll be okay with you being Pi$$ed off!

Tina said...

i never had you down as a smoker mate. good luck to you. i know its going to be hard from when brett quit x

Auntie E said...

I Stopped smoking 30 years ago. I had been a heavy smoker for 11 years at that time. I had to quit for health reason. It was hard. I believed I wallpapered every room in our small house. Then I learned how to lay tile,worked with the Neighbor on New Homes. I just kept busy and try to learn everything I could that would kept my hands busy. It also help in the early day to stay away from Smokers. I do feel better today and know I probably would not be around for my family if I hadn't stopped.I wish you well on your Path to a healthier you. Get a exercise DVD (libraries have some) and every time you feel like that smoke Exercise. Or take a walk.:-)

On The Verge said...

Good luck, my friend. You can do it! My husband quit four years ago and he did it with the help of Wellbutrin.

Kmommy said...

Oh good luck!! Its so hard!!!

Toni said...

Good luck good luck good luck! It is such a hard thing to quit! Keep us updated!