Found The Problem

So I think I may have for sure fixed my computer I had forgotten my hubby bought me a Fix It Utilities. I ran it and found some problems in my registries whatever they are but that was not the problem. Well it was a little of the problem.

It turns out it was Mozilla Firefox causing all of the problem. Whenever I would close the MF window and come back later to get back on line it would tell me it was still running and I had to close it out to be able to start it again. How was I to close out a program when it was nowhere to be found? I removed it then reinstalled it but the same thing happened so I had to remove it completely and now am stuck using Internet Explorer. I really don't like IE it constantly has Java errors but at least I am able to visit my blog friends now.

I was using Google Chrome as well but I am not to sure how I feel about that. If IE keeps doing these java errors I may go back to the Chrome.

If I haven't gotten to you yet never fear I will be there eventually.


~~Mel~~ said...

Yay...I'm glad you found the problem! We had nothing but trouble with Firefox when we had it too..yet most ppl swear by it.

Tina said...

good to see you back up and running mate x

Kmommy said...

I had issues with firefox too! just don't download ie8. i've been having issues with that and would love to go back to 7!

Tammy said...

That's done that to me too. I just opened my task manager and closed it down from there and then I was to restart it.

Tina said...

stopping by again to say have a great weekend mate x

Angeline said...

*clap clap clap*
That's great news!!!!