Jealous And Sad At The SAme Time

I'm sitting here thinking about how my life is going and nothing is as I had hoped it would be. We moved to NC 2 1/2 years ago because we were thinking things would be better for us. I think we were wrong! Granted we live in a much nicer house and have an awesome yard the kids are healthy (thank god) but money is so tight.

I have a friend who just put new hard wood floors in her house and got new furniture and 2 new cars and I am so jealous I could spit nails. I am happy for her and how well she is doing and I think she is deserving of all that she has but I still wish I was able to at the very least pay my bills. Not to mention buy myself a pair of shorts or something.

Is it wrong of me to be jealous?

I try hard not to be but when I come home and can't watch television because we couldn't pay the damn bill I want to cry. I know that having satellite is a luxury I should be thankful my electric is still on but none the less it still bothers me.

Hubby works so hard and is never home but the money he is making is barely enough for the groceries and a few small bills. The big ones are going unpaid and I can't do anything to help. Jobs are few and far between here and even if I found one who would I get to watch the kids?
Minimum wage here is $ 6.05 per hr. and with no college degree I am stuck with that amount. I would have to put the kids into daycare and that would take all the money I would make.

So what am I to do I feel so unhappy at this moment I could SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



LadyBanana said...

Sorry to hear you are having such severe financial problems.

I don't particularly like my job but these days I know I should be at least grateful I have one..

Tammy said...

I hear ya! I'm behind on a few bills and it's gets really hard to make ends meet and a lot of the time it's impossible.

Tina said...

im sorry you feel so sad mate. money is always a worry on my mind. i try and stay positive though or i would go insane. hope things look up for you soon x