Through My Eyes Fridays

Hello and welcome to Through My Eyes Fridays a weekly meme. The idea is simple show the world what you see either out of your window of your house or through the windshield of your car. Take pictures with your camera or your cell phone show us the sky above you or the ground below you.

You can also post videos if that is how you want us to look through your eyes it's up to you.Share pictures of your kids the furry ones or the not so furry ones. Is your desk a mess or is it the most organized thing in your home. What's in your home or out your front door we want to see your world through your eyes.

So I want to tell you how this meme is going to work

1. If you wish to play along please leave a comment here with your blog name so everyone who is playing can come to your blog to take a look.
2. Please use the logo above in your post linking back to this site.
3. Please lets keep things PG rated for all of our family oriented blogs
4. When making your post please use the following sentence
"This is what you see when you look Through My Eyes"
5. Have fun!!!!!

This is what you see when you look through my eyes at the dirt road in front of my house. This big guy was trying to cross the road and I wanted to give him a hand. So I get out of my car and walk over to him to help et him out of the road and he had the nerve to hiss at me. Some people just don't realize when their lives are being saved.

I said to my self "self just rescue him weather he wants you to or not" So I picked him up and put him onto my property (he squirmed the whole time) I set him down and took his picture.


~~Mel~~ said...

He hissed and you still picked him up? You are braver than me! lol.

Diane said...

"Some people just don't realize when their lives are being saved." that cracked me up!!!

he's a big guy!!

Tammy said...

Ungrateful little guy eh! hehe

Tina said...

haha im not sure i could pick him up. im funny with slimy things! maybe by his shell!