The Lonely Life Of A Trucking Family

The lonely life of a truckers wife is just that lonely my husband is a over the road truck driver. He has been doing it for a little over a year now and it SUCKS! He is never home not for birthdays, anniversaries, some holidays, school functions. The only two times he is guaranteed to be home is Thanksgiving & Christmas.

I hate it he hates it and the kids hate it but he has to work and we have to learn to deal. It's hard on me as a wife and a mother,it's hard on him as a father and a husband.

The only thing he likes is getting to go to places he would otherwise never get to go. Like Alaska he has been there 3 times. The first time he found out he was going there I was more excited about it than he was. I said "if you see any moose take a picture or any other creatures we may never see". He did see a moose but couldn't get a picture at the time but he told me it was huge. I would have loved to see one maybe someday I will get a chance to go there.

He has been to California so many times now I have lost track he says it is nice there but I would not like it. I do not like to be hot not at all and he says it is always hot there. So I guess I will probably not ever go there.

Still even though he goes to all these places (I know I only named two of them if I named them all it would take up this whole page) it's a lonely life for all of us. As it is right now we haven't seen him in over a week he left last weekend for Cal. and was on his way back when the job called him to tell him to go to NJ. That means a few more days away a few more days of me being mom and dad. Him being without his family eating no home cooked meals sleeping in a bunk.

We miss him so much all the time he calls often but it is not the same he is missing out on so much with the kids. They are always asking when is dad coming home? Or is dad coming home today? I hate telling them no I am not sure when he is coming home.

Some good news today he will be coming home after midnight tonight. Bad news is he probably will only be home or a day maybe two if we are lucky. The worse news this means he will not be home for Memorial day weekend. You would think we would be used to it but I don't think we ever will. My wish is that someday soon he will be able to switch jobs and be home like other husbands and daddy's. But until then it is a lonely life for a trucker and his family.

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