I have seen some strange things but this.......

Ok so I have been driving for oh let's see 20 years that can't be real that would make me 37 ok so I guess that's right. So anyway like I said I have been driving for a long time and I have seen a lot of dead things on the road (RIP). Cats, deer, squirrels, turtles, birds, an occasional dog . But never in my life until last week had I ever seen a dead FISH on the road.

I was going to my kids school for field day (my son's was the other day and my daughters was last week) anyway I am driving along and I see a dead fish in the road. It just blew me away I started laughing to myself and said only here in rural NC can you drive down the road and see a fishing laying in it.

So as I was driving I was saying to myself how in the world did it get there? Well ok it was next to a pond so maybe a goose or a duck was walking with it in it's mouth and it fell out. Or maybe someone went fishing and was walking along the road and dropped it. Who knows how or why it was there but I said to myself I am going to take a picture of it on my way back because no-one is going to believe me about it being there.

So I am driving getting out my cell phone to take the picture I am getting closer to where it is so I slow down and get the phone ready and it's gone. Someone or something came along and took it. Now I have no proof but I will never forget it.

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