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This economy is killing me and my family! It breaks my heart everyday to not be able to give my kids things they want and sometimes things they need."The Man" works hard for his money we never see him but yet we can't seem to get ahead. We don't spend money needlessly I try my very best to try to make ends meet. But it just keeps getting harder and harder.

I must admit I started this blog as a way to help out financially. I tried to get work outside of the house but have no one to watch the kids. Ok I know someone somewhere is thinking what about daycare? Well I don't have a college degree so a job that pays well is really not an option. Minimum wage here is $6.15 per hour so any money that I would make would go to gas and daycare. So what am I left with? How do I help? These are the questions I ask myself all the time day after day.

I know I am rambling on but I do have a point I need to figure out how to help out "The Man". I need to figure out a way to help the family survive.I need to do something that is going to make me feel better as a person,a woman,a wife and a mother.None of which I have felt very good about for a long time.I need to be able to say "hey I did it me all by myself"I made a difference and helped us all out.

I have researched work from home jobs and most of them are schemes and the ones that aren't my computer doesn't have what they require. So I came up with the idea of taking some college courses on line.While the kids are to young to be by themselves. I decided that the medical field is where it is people are always going to need medical attention for one thing or another. I decided I am not into blood and guts so the office part of it is where I may fit in. So I took my first on line class Medical Terminology I finished the class got my certificate but now what? I have a few more classes to take before I can even think about getting a job in the medical field but the thing I have discovered is. When doing research on the jobs that are out there in the medical field and there are a lot. You can not get hired if you don't have experience but if no one will hire you then how are you going to get experience?

Then I thought maybe I could get a job in the school system this way I will be home when the kids are. But it is very hard to get a job there I look almost everyday for job postings but all they have are jobs for people with degrees. So I am once again out of luck! So what am I to do? Now I am left with blogging (I don't mean that to sound like I don't like it) but now I am running into how to get people to notice me? How do I bring traffic to my site? I am not a professional writer (as you can tell) I have no crafty skills to share with everyone. I have no technical knowledge to draw in techies. All I have is me a mom, wife,woman and what life is throwing at me.I am not sure that, that is going to be enough to bring home the bacon so to speak.

So I guess I am looking for words of wisdom someone who will take me under their wing and show me what direction I need to go. From what your reading am I going to make it as a blogger? Will this finally be where I am meant to be? I am looking for answers in a community that I am finding likes to help one another out. So any constructive criticism is more than welcome.


Sassy said...

Lookin' good girl :) Dropped on your Entrecard. Have an awesome afternoon!!

Tammy said...

I have a list of paid blogging companies that I work for and I'll send it to you. Most of them require you to have been blogging for at least 30 days. It's not a lot of money, but I find it helps. I'll send you the list tomorrow if you want it.

Kim @ What's That Smell said...

Check out wahm.com, the forum there has a lot of ideas!

Tina said...

Hello again.

I have a tag for you over at my place

Need to get your practice in on the memes now haha!

Let me know when your up so i can see.

Have a great weekend x

Tina said...

P.s hope i got your name right for the meme. Im sure it came up like that when you left a comment before :)

Let me know if you want it changing if its wrong, or you prefer something else xx