My Tornado bag

Why is it that thunderstorms always happen at night? The news said all day that storms were coming and no sooner did the sun go down and I hear the rumble in the distance.

OH NO! Panic sets in!!!

So I figure I will just sit and watch Greys so I turn on the TV and as soon as I do I see tornado watches for the county we live in. You see having lived in Jersey my whole life I never really was scared of thunderstorms, I'm not saying I liked them they may have made me a little uncomfortable but here in N.C . they just seem more intense.

Add to that the tornado watches and warnings and I find myself wishing my mommy and daddy were here.

So let me get back to where I was, so I see the warnings going across the screen and hear the thunder and see the flashes of lighten happening more and more frequently. The TV is freezing up (we have dish network it kept losing signal) I decide to get together what I call my tornado bag lol. Really it isn't funny if my friends could only see me I go around the house gathering up things for me and the kids.

What sort of things well undies to make sure if the tornado really does hit here and we lose everything at least me and the kids will have clean undies.Tissues because they fit in my so-called tornado bag better than a roll of TP. Snacks because well they to fit in my bag easier than ice to keep cheese or milk you know fridge things. A change of clothes for us all to ensure that we will be able to have clean clothes after a few days. (I don't know why I grab theses things I am in panic mode)

I also make sure to keep band aids and antibiotic cream in case someone gets a boo boo. I have to say one thing during all this panic and packing all I can think about (and I know some people will be upset with me but) is oh man I forgot to get smokes the store is going to be blown away and I am going to be out of cigs. That is the worst feeling if your a smoker knowing that something terrible might happen and there will not be any cigs to calm your nerves.

So while I'm packing and worried about the storm the kids the pets no smokes my husband calls (he is a truck driver and is on his way to California) he says "what ya doing?"

I say there is a bad thunderstorm going on there is watches and warnings all over the TV so I am getting things together. He says "what kind of things?"

Well I proceed to tell him the things I am packing and he starts laughing at me. I can not believe it I am here having a panic attack and he laughs. He says "Stinky" (that's what he calls me) "What are you doing?"

He thinks I worry to much about it but he is not here it's just me and the kids and I am a little uneasy. But anyway he calmed me down and I was finally able to gather my thoughts, you see while I was talking to him on the phone the storm had finished and to my wonderful surprise no TORNADO. So I get myself ready for bed because now I can sleep. While I am getting ready for bed I looked at my tornado bag and said I will put everything back in the morning.

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larzreburn said...

My Tina I love you to death and can't believe you would have to face all that on your own. Which is why I hate you being there and me being here in Jersey.