Domestic Diva NOT!!!! Update

Finally I'm done it took me all day to wash all the curtains and blinds. There were no fatalities I am happy to say. I was shocked that the "dry clean only" curtains (well technically they are valances)didn't fall apart. They are so very thick so it really wore out my hands wringing them out.It is taking them forever to dry also but alas I am done.

My clothes were soaking wet all day from getting into the shower with the blinds to clean them. So that should hold me until next year (just playing). Maybe I am a little more domesticated than I thought. SHHHH don't tell my husband he will want me to sew something or god forbid IRON something. These things are where I draw the line he does the sewing because I have told him I only can do buttons. Which is kind of true I can sew just a little so it is easier to just say I don't know how to.

I honestly can not iron at all I've tried several times and it never turns out right. The wrinkles never completely go away. So I just don't do it!


The Jillybean said...

Cleaning blinds...you are much braver than I am! I did one of ours once and swore I would never attempt that again. So I went to the Dollar Store (since we have a gazzilion of those here in Hick Town) and replaced them the last time they got yucky. Thanks for dropping in to see me!

Tammy said...

Growing up my mother made us girls iron everything...jeans, sheets, everything. I hate ironing now!