Domestic Diva NOT!!!!

I am not the domestic diva I thought I was well I never thought I was but I thought I had some skills. Until I took on the task of cleaning the mini blinds that were in the house when we bought it. I personally don't like mini blinds. They are hard to clean and my animals like to look out the windows which has resulted in the blinds being broken. I am planning to replace the broken ones this weekend. I thought the blinds were tan until I took them into the shower to clean them to my surprise they are in fact white.

Cleaning the blinds has led me to realize just how dirty the curtains are they look like they are growing fur from the dust.So being the cleaning machine I am (not) I have started cleaning the curtains to.

Did I mention I also hate anything that says "dry clean only" which is exactly what the label on my curtains say.

I have been putting off this cleaning adventure for far to long.I just couldn't figure out how to clean the blinds and I can not afford to take all the curtains to the cleaners.We have 15 windows in our house so that is a lot of curtains. Which means a lot of money to pay someone to clean them.So I have decided to wash all the curtains by hand in the sink I really hope it doesn't ruin them but they need it so bad.

I have done 6 of the blinds so far and what a difference it has made I still don't like them but they do look much better. I have done two of the curtains and so far so good they have not fallen apart yet. I would have done more but I don't have places to hang them to dry I am hanging them in the shower right now.

If anyone out there has an easier way for me to do this PLEASE feel free to offer suggestions. Just keep in mind that the curtains and blinds were really , really dirty and just wiping them with a cloth or using the vacuum was not an option.


Sassy said...

I can't offer any advice because I too am domestically challenged. But I do wish you all the best of luck :)

Tammy said...

I would wash them by hand also and hang them outside to dry. I do that to a lot of "dry clean only" stuff.

Rose said...

One thing I hate doing is cleaning blinds. I make hubby do them.