The Frogs come marching two by two

Well "The Man" left today for Alaska he will be gone for 2 weeks.YUK I hate when he is gone for so long.He took the camera with him on this trip to take some pictures for me. He is finally getting into the blogging spirit. I hope he gets some good ones for me to share.

We had a nice weekend together we got the kids pool set up for them. They are so happy about that but now they want to go in it 4 or 5 times a day. That means I have to either go into their little tiny 4 foot pool with them or sit and bake in the sun and watch them.

I choose going into the tiny 4 foot pool and looking like an idiot. I am not a sun, summer person (bring on the SNOW). I would rather freeze a boob off than bake and burn in the summer.

Oh and just to let you all know in case you don't pay attention I am a frog, toad lover. I have stated this before and I am totally convinced that all the toads & frogs in our neighborhood know this. Because they have come to the kids pool to have their babies. I kid you not the pool was open for less than a day and we already had eggs in there and a few tadpoles. Being the lover of them that I am I was sad when my husband began scooping them out of the pool and putting them on the grass to burn up in the sun.

My husband must have seen the sadness on my face because he suggested to me before he left today to go get one of his coolers and put the eggs in it so I can watch them. How cool is he? He said this because last year we had to close the pool early due to the hundreds YES I said hundreds of tadpoles that took over the pool.

So this is my mission while he is away to SAVE the tadpoles.


Sassy said...

Snow? Eww. I'd rather bake like an lobster than to see that cold stuff. Granted we dont' see much of it here in Alabama and I'm rather glad we don't. LOL

I absolutely loathe frogs, worm anything like that. However I do find their croaking very soothing.

Tammy said...

I hate the heat of summer too! Good thing I live in Canada. ;o)