Peri Poncho

Sorry for removing the picture but I just watched law and order SVU and it was about pedophiles and how and what they do with kids pictures.So i am not putting my kids pics up anymore.
Here is the Poncho that we won in the giveaway that Scribbit had back in May. The poncho came from Starlooks Botique you should check out that store. The poncho is BEAUTIFUL well made and oh so soft. Babygirl loves it she can't wait to wear it to school next year.

Se has hung it in her closet just waiting for the first cool fall day so she can show it off to all of her soon to be jealous friends. By then I hope to get her a beautiful dress or skirt from Starlooks so she can look like the princess she already is.


The Jillybean said...

Cute Poncho! I think all little girls love the first day of school and the opportunity to be a school fashion model. I can remember always laying my clothes out for the first day of school wondering constantly if I had chosen the perfect outfit.

Char said...

Thanks for posting this. She is adorable and I can't wait to see the pictures!