My brother's third grandbaby

I don't have any of the details yet just his name Ricky Jr. They just sent me the text picture. Isn't he just a little cutie? I can't believe my brother has 3 grandbabies. His daughter is a busy girl.


Sassy said...

Awwwww I love babies. Now I can spoil them and give them back.

He's a cutie!!

Tammy said...

Absolutely precious!

Tina said...

ah i love the little newborn faces!

And Yay my advert is on today! :)

Toni said...

How sweet!!!

On the PPP the first time I applied you had to have a blog that was 90 days old but now it is 30. It took me awhile to get going. Tina, who I see is advertising on your site helped me alot!!!

Good luck if I can answer any more questions let me know.