Random Thoughts

1. How come they don't use a lawn mower motor in "back massagers "? (wink wink). They sure would make a killing on them.

2.Why don't they make the water output on above ground pools just a little stronger for those of us who like to hang our legs outside the pool?

3.They have trucks and cars with air conditioned seats (The part where your butt is)so why not add some vibrating action to it also and no one would complain about being stuck in a traffic jam. People would actually go looking for them.

4.Someone should make gear shifts for truckers that are shaped like a vagina so men wouldn't miss their wives so much. Also this may keep them from the trucker tramps. Just a thought!

5.Maybe there should be an office chair with a hole in the middle for those of us who spend so much time on the Internet that we barely make it to the toilet. I'm just saying.

6.I have heard that some men like the fact that women have to wear seat belts,because the seat belt rests in between the boobies and makes them look good. Well they should have seat belts with fake boobies on them for those women who have small boobies.This way they can feel confident when they are driving that some guy passing by is saying "man did you see the hooters on that chick?" Just my thought if you have small ones and like them that's great. POWER TO THE BOOBIES!

7.Automobiles should come equip with a really long arm so you can smack the ass in front of you who
a.didn't use his blinker when turning
b.decided to turn said blinker on at very last minute.

8.There should be warning labels on clothes. Jeans- WARNING these jeans may look great when you first put them on but after meals your ass may widen causing tightness in not so flattering areas. Bras- WARNING after 6 hours of wear breasts will begin to go back to their normal sagging state regardless of the industrial strength under wire.


Sassy said...

I would so buy number 6. Being that I have small boobs, I would love to have hooters that would grab someones attention. I've thought about a boob job, but I'm too chicken.

Tammy said...

ROFL!!! You're a hoot!!!

Tina said...

I like the idea of the hole in the chair haha! let me know when youve invented it!