The tooth fairy came

I was under the impression that by age 11 all of your baby teeth were gone you were just waiting for your 12 year molars to come in. But once again I was wrong The Boy lost a tooth last night. He had been playing with it for sometime. Complaining about it hurting but yet steady pulling on it go figure. I know if something is hurting me when I touch it then guess what I don't touch it DUH!

But he is a kid and a boy so anyway he finally got it to come out. He comes into the kitchen with said tooth in hand and blood all over his fingers. "
Wanna know how I got it out mom?"

" I did this and that and finally out it pops."

I said "ok let me see where it was good for you now go rinse your mouth out"

When he was done he came back to show me where it had been I really wish he didn't I do not like to see blood but oh well for me.

"now make sure you put it in a bag and put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy"(he still believes in it)Who am I to burst his bubble?

The whole time I am thinking to myself "man this blows I just spent my last $10.00 on gas for the lawn mower" Not that I am poor or anything I just don't have cash on hand.

So he heads off to bed tooth in hand and now my mission is to search the house for loose change. Have you ever noticed when you don't want to find change there it is laying everywhere just waiting to be sucked up by that very expensive vacuum.Of course now there is no change to be found anywhere. Oh no!

What to do? What to do? Wait! I remember there is a coffee can full of change in the closet so I hurry off to dig through the closet. I find the can under all the x-mas stuff (The Man was supposed to put the x-mas stuff in the shed around um January) So I open the can only to discover it only had about 1 million pennies and some nickles.

So I find 2 quarters yippee and the rest I use nickles. I sneak quietly into the boy's room to snatch the tooth and leave the change praying I do not wake him. SUCCESS! Now I can go to bed happy that once again the tooth fairy came and went without being spotted.

This morning the boy comes out to eat breakfast change in hand and says "wow I got a lot of quarters" he begins to count his new shiny change only to say "oh man it is only 2 quarters the rest is all nickles that sucks" HMMMM! when I was a kid we were lucky to get one nickle and he is complaining. Geese be happy you got anything at all (I'm thinking to myself)

So he heads off to school I look and his change is sitting on the table he must have been really disappointed because he usually puts his change in his money container. Not to be confused with a piggy bank that is for babies. So I guess I have learned a valuable lesson here make sure to keep plenty of quarters on hand you never know when those damn baby teeth are going to decide to pop out.

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Tammy said...

My daughter was about 11 when she lost her last baby tooth. She got braces shortly after that.