Pool Time !!!!

It was a scorcher yesterday so after the kids got home from school they just had to go into thier itty bitty pool.Babygirl just jumps right in no hesitation involved she is getting so good at swimming she doesn't need her swimmy suit anymore.Well in their pool if she goes to the neighbors house she needs it their pool is huge. She does handstands now and flips it's amazing how good she has gotten. As you can see she is wearing shorts and a tank top I do need to get her a new bathing suit. What a task that is going to be I am so not looking forward to it. Not only because it cost way to much for a child size (almost as much as an adult) but because she is so darn picky. I know it is going to be an all day affair to find one. Good luck to me I say.
Sorry for removing the picture but I jusr watched law and order SVU and it was about pedafiles and how and what they do with kids pictures.So i am not putting my kids pics up anymore.

Now the boy he doesn't like to jump right in he is like me. It's all about letting each body part get used to the water.It takes him quite a long time to get all the way in. He makes me laugh though I am not sure how many of you know that boys swimming trunks have a mesh liner in them (well I guess you know now) but anywho my boy for some reason likes to keep on his undies. I asked him why and he says "in case my trunks fall down". I guess I can see his point I know if I was him I wouldn't want anyone to see my Shiny Hiney. He also likes to keep on a t-shirt he doesn't like to show off his killer abs. It's like pulling teeth to get him to put on a guinea-t (that's what The Man calls them) I guess he doesn't want to scare anyone with his "guns". If you knew how tiny his arms are you would be laughing at that last remark. Just to give you an idea of how tiny his arms are I can touch my forefinger to my pinky when I wrap them around his upper arm. I know you just put your fingers together to get an idea of what I'm saying. HA!HA!HA!

They had a great time swimming around splashing each other screaming yelling and that was just in the first 5 minutes. I decided it was way to hot to just sit there and watch them so I got in with them. The pool is so tiny it only comes to my waist so I do what any smart person who doesn't want the neighbors to see me in the kiddie pool would do.I grabbed my lawn chair and set it right in the middle of the pool and sat down on it.AHHHHH that was great. Now the water would cover all my body parts I sure do not want anyone seeing.I already have one man who loves me I don't want all the other men in the neighborhood to fall head over heels for me to.You know how it is when your smokin hottt!JK

It sure did feel good being in the pool I had mowed the lawn earlier and it was sooo hot. I still have more to do tomorrow though.It takes me a few days to mow our yard it is LARGE.If I did it all on the same day it would take me 4 hours. I know this because I did it once and I will not do it again my ass was so numb when I got done. Not to mention my boobs felt like they were going to bounce off my chest, or even give me a major black eye.Sometimes I wish I was a member of the itty bitty titty Committee. I have a new friend that is the president of said community.So I guess since I can't join that committee I will be joining the kids in the pool again after school because it was fun.

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Tammy said...

I ain't a member of that committee either. LOL